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Toshiba offer a range of replacement printheads and cleaning wipes, sprays, pens and swabs.

The easy road to longevity with Toshiba

TOSHIBA TEC is the leading thermal transfer ribbon specialist in Europe. Toshiba ribbons ensure total compatibility and performance for every printer requirement – whatever the application.

Biggest is best?

Toshiba develop, test and supply the best performing ribbons for the widest range of uses. They rigorously test every aspect of the ribbon and printer performance, including intensive life testing of the finished ribbon to guarantee optimum performance over the life of your printer.

Choice is key. TOSHIBA TEC has over 1000 different approved grades, sizes and colours available to meet your needs.

Toshiba are committed long-term, developing the technology that allows us to offer you high quality and competitive products. They constantly monitor the products we supply to provide the complete assurance of quality.

The Toshiba brand is your guarantee

Using Toshiba branded ribbons in your printer will guarantee your investment is protected long-term. Toshiba guarantee the print head will last up to 100 km* when using Toshiba branded ribbons.

(* See the table below for the warranty on your printer model.)

Should the print head fail in this period, Toshiba will replace it. Free of charge!

  • Ensure you keep your print head warranty and longevity.
  • Insist on Toshiba ribbons!
  • Now!

Overview of Toshiba printer models and corresponding print head warranty when using Toshiba branded ribbons*

B-852 50 km (= 500,000 labels of 10 cm) B-EV4 series 25 km (= 250,000 labels of 10 cm) B-SA4 series 50 km (= 500,000 labels of 10 cm) B-SV4 series 25 km (= 250,000 labels of 10 cm) B-SX4 and B-SX5 100 km (= 1,000,000 labels of 10 cm) B-SX6 and B-SX8 50 km (= 500,000 labels of 10 cm)
Model Print head warranty

* Warranty is subject to normal Toshiba terms such as installed time and used media. Contact us for Toshiba terms and conditions.

TOSHIBA TEC are dedicated to developing cutting-edge, core technologies throughout the entire product range, including Retail Solutions, Document Systems, Auto-ID Printers and Inkjet Heads. Since these technologies boost convenience, value and usability as well as contribute to problem-solving, they make stores and offices more dynamic and serve as perfect-fit solutions.

Whether you require portable printers, low output cost effective printers, medium output desktop-sized units, or high output industrial strength machines, TOSHIBA TEC's extensive product range will provide the ideal solution to your printing needs.