Delivery Tracker Delivery Tracker


Once loaded on to a stand alone PC or hand held terminal, this software offers users the ability to track and trace all incoming and out-going mail and packages, making it the ideal solution for multi-department offices, large sites and NHS organisations.

Once a uniquely numbered barcode is affixed to a new item and scanned into the host PC or terminal, the location off the mail or package can be tracked and traced at every stage of its journey.

Key features of Delivery Tracker include:-

  • Proof of delivery reporting
  • E-Mail alerts on arrival at final destination
  • Delivery notes can be recorded electronically
  • Signature capture option
  • Reporting produced in a spread sheet format
  • Damaged item images can also be captured if the host terminal has an in-built camera

Available in three versions, Stand Alone, Multi User and Web Managed, Delivery Tracker software ensures that the problem of lost mail and parcels within large organisations is no longer a time consuming and administrative nightmare.

Stand Alone Version: Allows a single PC to host the database that can then be accessed and used with any number of batch, WiFi or GPRS portable terminals.

Multi User Version: A central server hosts the database that can be accessed by any number of PC users on the same network, each working with any number of batch, WiFi or GPRS portable terminals. This solution offers real time information to all users.

Web Managed Database: The web hosted database allows access from any PC or terminal with an internet enabled browser. Terminals with WiFi or GPRS functionality can be directly updated with delivery requests.

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Software represents an often forgotten yet crucial aspect of all data collection and printing applications.

Forming the bridge between your hardware and your actual stored data, the software aspect of any application can often be one of the trickier elements of your final solution, with prices that can sometimes reach thousands of pounds.

With this in mind, Barcodes for Business have selected a number of cost effective off the shelf software solutions which offer both ready to go applications requiring no programming to applications offering you the ability to edit a pre-designed program which you can turn into a bespoke software solution.