Mobile Worker Mobile Worker


Offering you the ability to import any CSV or Excel file onto your your Windows based batch or WiFi terminals, Mobile Worker software will recreate an exact replica of the CSV or Excel file on screen - allowing you to populate the file with the exact information you need in the correct file location.

Once the data has been updated on your hand held terminal the completed file can then be exported back to your server.

Key features include:-

  • Windows operating system
  • Easy import/export of data
  • Accepts CSV and Excel files
  • Low cost, user friendly data collection solution which can be incorporated into your existing PC software (links directly with SAP, Sage and Quick Books plus any other Windows based systems)

Software represents an often forgotten yet crucial aspect of all data collection and printing applications.

Forming the bridge between your hardware and your actual stored data, the software aspect of any application can often be one of the trickier elements of your final solution, with prices that can sometimes reach thousands of pounds.

With this in mind, Barcodes for Business have selected a number of cost effective off the shelf software solutions which offer both ready to go applications requiring no programming to applications offering you the ability to edit a pre-designed program which you can turn into a bespoke software solution.