Magellan 2200VS Magellan 2200VS


Designed to address retail scanning solutions requiring a medium to high throughput, the Magellan 2200VS boasts category leading performance without compromising on quality or reliability.

An auxiliary RS-232 port offers the added functionality of attaching a hand held scanner for scanning barcodes on large or bulky items, accessing the label data output via a hand held terminal or attaching to weigh scales for a fully automated print and scan solution.

  • Firststrike decoding software for reading poor quality barcodes
  • Checkpoint Systems and Sensormatic EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance)compatible
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Flash memory for simple on the spot software upgrades

In addition to the above features, the Magellan 220VS also features:

  • Diagnostic Reporting - For improved preventative maintenance
  • Prouctivity Index Reporting - Helps identify poorly printed labels (Optional)
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