If you are considering using RFID tags to help improve asset tracking and management in your business here is a simple affordable starter kit to help you along the learning curve. The package includes a bench top UHF RFID reader/writer, tag read/write software and a pack of 10 assorted tags.

The reader antenna is built in to the unit and has a very short read range in order to avoid interference from other nearby tags or readers. It will interact with tags in any horizontal orientation. The accompanying software is designed to read or write one tag at a time, giving all available tag details and accessible stored data. A keyboard injector app is also included to configure the reader operate in a similar way to a bar code scanner by passing tag data to the keyboard buffer so that it will transfer directly to the active application. Access to the reader SDK is also provided to allow developers to integrate their own applications.

  • Everything you need to read and write UHF RFID tags
  • Bench top UHF Rfid reader and writer
  • RFID Software
  • 10 RFID assorted tags

Software represents an often forgotten yet crucial aspect of all data collection and printing applications.

Forming the bridge between your hardware and your actual stored data, the software aspect of any application can often be one of the trickier elements of your final solution, with prices that can sometimes reach thousands of pounds.

With this in mind, Barcodes for Business have selected a number of cost effective off the shelf software solutions which offer both ready to go applications requiring no programming to applications offering you the ability to edit a pre-designed program which you can turn into a bespoke software solution.