1661H 1661H


The Cipherlab 1661H Bluetooth scanner is the perfect scanning solution for point-of-care, medication dispensing, record management, lab results and specimen tracking healthcare applications.

The CipherLab 1661H Bluetooth scanner, with antimicrobial casing and disinfectant-friendly housing is an ideal choice for maximum mobility and flexibility. Weighing just 69 grams and so small that it will fit neatly in your pocket, this scanner also has a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters to ensure great portability.

The Bluetooth interface on the 1661H allows you to transfer data to any Bluetooth device, such as a laptop, tablet terminal or PC. The 1661H is supplied complete with the 3610 Bluetooth transponder meaning that Bluetooth devices are automatically paired to allow you to transmit real-time data instantly.

  • Up to 40 hours usage on one full charge of the Lithium-Ion battery
  • ScanMaster software, supplied with the 1661H, enables data editing and configuration
  • Store over 30,000 barcodes utilising the on-board memory when set in batch mode
  • Anti-Microbial housing

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