DS4800 DS4800


Your store represents your brand. You take pride in its design. The ambiance it creates is a big part of your customer's experience, and you've worked hard to make sure they feel it the moment they walk through your doors.

With the DS4800 Series, you can extend that customer experience right to your POS. This innovative barcode scanner offers style without compromise, marrying impressive design and leading-edge technologies with the enterprise reliability and functionality that you expect from Zebra. The DS4800 series — elite performance, elegantly crafted.

  • New Level of Style for Your POS
  • New 2D Imaging Technology
  • High Performance 1D & 2D Scanning
  • Black or White, USB Interface
  • Withstands 5ft (1.5m) drops to concrete
  • IP40

Founded in 1969, Zebra has a rich heritage of innovation. The company currently holds over 4200 asset management technology patents and with over 1700 engineering experts on staff continues to expand our portfolio of solutions and services.