SD460 SD460


As counterfeiting and alteration attempts have grown more sophisticated, the Datacard SD460 card printer delivers everything you need to increase the security and durability of your ID cards. A reliable, all-in-one printer, encoder and laminator. DuraShield over laminates over 4X the durability of normal overcoats, are tamper-evident and can be sequentially numbered for secure audits.

Use the tactile impression feature to impress an easily verified design onto the card laminate and substrate to help make alteration attempts immediately evident. Choose from a set of generic designs, or create a custom design that impresses your unique logo or seal to elevate security as well as your brand.

Full edge-to-edge printing at 300 dpi. 200 cards per hour (full colour with lamination, one-side). 100/ optional 200 card input hopper. A built-in card flattener ensures cards meet ISO specifications. Magstripe, contact and contactless encoding. Windows 8/7/XP (SP3)

  • Print Full Edge-to-Edge Cards
  • 200 Colour Cards per Hour with Lamination
  • 100 Input Card Hopper - Upgradable to 200
  • 30 Month Warranty
  • Magnetic Encoding as Standard
  • 30 Month Warranty

Datacard Group offers technologies for securing identities and safeguarding transactions in physical and digital environments. The company’s innovative portfolio now includes Entrust® authentication software platforms, bringing important new capabilities to tens of thousands of government agencies, financial institutions and other enterprises in more than 150 countries. Together, Datacard Group and Entrust issue 10M+ secure identities every day, manage billions of secure transactions annually and issue a majority of the world’s financial cards.

Each of us is a consumer and a citizen. At different times, we’re also employees, students, patients and members. In these roles, we conduct transactions, use information, enter facilities, cross borders and access government services. Datacard Group brings trust and security to each of those interactions for millions of people every day – across both physical and digital domains.

Security-minded enterprises rely on Datacard Group and use our solutions as a foundation for their identity and transaction infrastructures. We work closely with hundreds of financial institutions, including the world’s 20 largest banks. Our instant issuance solutions and mobile payment solutions are creating new opportunities for banks, retailers and other consumer marketers. We’re engaged in high-profile government identity programs around the world. We also serve customers in telecommunications, aerospace, pharmaceutical, education, healthcare and petroleum markets.

Our portfolio supports high-volume and instant card issuance , secure credential issuance and management , and passport production. We combine hardware, software and supplies using an integrated approach that increases security, enhances quality and reduces total cost of ownership. We also provide expert service and support.

  • Privately Held, Headquartered in Minnesota, USA
  • Founded in 1969
  • 2,000+ employees in 34 worldwide locations
  • Sales and service covering 150+ countries
  • Systems used to issue 90% of world’s financial cards
  • 10M+ identities issued daily
  • Billions of transactions managed annually
  • 30,000+ instant issuance solutions deployed
  • 425+ patents owned
  • 300+ engineers