SL-86-911-461 SL-86-911-461


Ideally Suited to Military Applications

iKey’s SL-86-911-461 is MIL-STD-461E approved, making this keyboard suitable for surface ships, submarines, aircrafts and other space and ground systems used in military applications. MIL-STD-461E approval ensures that the SL-86-911-461 can coexist with other sensitive equipment without causing interference.

The SL-86-911-461 keyboard operates effectively around radios, transmitters and other susceptible equipment without creating adverse effects from conducted disturbances. Additionally, the SL-86-911-461 offers a rugged keyboard and a rugged Force Sensing Resistor pointing device in one compact package. Other features include a programmable Blackout key and mounting holes for a secure fit in vehicles.

  • 12 Function Keys
  • 86-Key Functionality
  • Green Backlit Keys
  • One-Touch Blackout Key
  • PS/2
  • NumLock Access
  • Mounting Holes
  • MIL-STD-461 Approved
  • Integrated Force Sensing Resistor Pointing Device

IK are the proud makers or rugged keyboards and computer accessories for professionals, working in some of the world/s toughest conditions.

iKey prides itself on producing some of the most advanced computer peripherals available today, including NEMA-rated industrial keyboards, pointing devices and flat panel monitors. Our rugged input devices are designed with you in mind—easy to clean and maintain, yet built to endure the rigors of extreme working conditions. Not only are they sturdy enough to withstand dust, dirt, water and corrosive liquids, but they can operate in climates of intense heat and cold as well. Whether you need a waterproof keyboard that can handle hospital cleaning products or rugged flat panel monitors for industrial applications, iKey can provide equipment that fits your exact specifications.

iKey’s catalog products offer numerous features for you to choose from, including cabling options, backlighting, language layout, case material and pointing devices. iKey have more than 100 industrial keyboard models available, so you’re sure to find a product with the exact specifications you want. iKey maintains long-term relationships with noteworthy vendors in order to provide you with the most durable and well-made products possible. Each product is hand-built and put through extensive quality assurance testing before it ships out to you. That way, when it arrives, you can be sure it can handle whatever job you need done.

iKey is a family-owned and operated business that has perfected the design and manufacture of premium quality keyboards over the past 25 years. Built from humble beginnings in an Austin, Texas garage, iKey’s products are now the leader in the rugged peripheral market, and used everywhere from Air Force One to your local hospital. Originally known as Texas Industrial Peripherals, iKey’s first years in business focused on the manufacturing market, and providing customers with a reliable solution that would enable productivity in the dusty, dirty environments often found near heavy machinery. After building a stellar reputation for service and quality with its core industrial customers, iKey expanded into other markets, including logistics, medical, military and mobile. Today, iKey manufactures the world’s most complete line of rugged computer peripherals, including keyboards, pointing devices, displays, tablet cases and mobile accessories.