Digital Receipt Solution Digital Receipt Solution


Introducing: AllReceipts From Star Micronics – The Fast, Secure and Reliable Digital Receipt Solution AllReceipts is a FREE, DIGITAL RECEIPT SOLUTION available on all Star Micronics TSP100 thermal receipt printer models.

AllReceipts is a cloud-based digital receipt solution providing customers with the ability to store and manage receipts digitally and anonymously.

No email address required! AllReceipts includes a Device Management Tool and Instant Customer Satisfaction Survey for retailers.

Customers can save a digital copy of the receipt on their mobile device and view receipts by date or retailer. There’s no need to share an e-mail address to receive digital receipts and no need to take a photo of the receipt to store it as a digital receipt. Allreceipts App is available to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Retailers receive AllReceipts Free of Charge with the Star TSP100 receipt printer (V6.0 driver). AllReceipts allows the Retailer to receive valuable customer feedback in the form of an instant customer satisfaction survey.

ntegrators can incorporate the AllReceipts API and include these Reporting Tools: Data on all receipts printed and claimed – Device Management Tool providing real time status across the installed base of printers – Instant customer satisfaction survey.

  • Customers can download the free AllReceipts App
  • Save a digital copy of receipts on the mobile device of choice
  • No need to take images of receipts for storage
  • No need to submit email address or mobile number
  • Receipts can be filed and retrieved by date or retailer
  • Instant customer satisfaction survey aides consumers and retailers
  • Retailers get data on every printed and claimed receipt
  • Retailers get AllReceipt’s real time status Device Management Tool


Founded in Japan in1947, Star Micronics Co. Ltd. one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers, has developed a range of Point of Sale products incorporating some of the most advanced printing technology available today.

It is Star’s extensive experience in manufacturing in other market areas including mobile phone transducers, component parts and above all machine tools along with its pioneering high-tech manufacturing processes which led to Star’s expertise in producing its own range of point of sale printers over 30 years ago. Star’s Point of Sale printer range has grown steadily ever since and now Star is proud to have one of the most innovative ranges of POS printing solutions available today, which are integrated in to some of the largest retail and hospitality outlets worldwide.


Established in 1985, Star Micronics EMEA, based in High Wycombe in the UK, is responsible for the sales and marketing of Star Point of Sale Printers and accessories across Europe, Africa, India and the Middle East. Today, Star EMEA enjoys a prominent market presence as one of the leading manufacturers of Point of Sale equipment across these regions.

Star’s philosophy has always been to provide retailers with innovative, easy to use solutions at a competitive price. This is a philosophy which continues today with the launch of the latest range of advanced printing solutions.