MT70 MT70


The multi-functional and IP65 rugged industrial mobile data terminal, with 3.5” sunlight readable screen, adopts Microsoft Windows CE.NET 6.0 operation system, as well as high-speed CPU of Marvell XScale PXA310 806MHz, 2GB large user flash memory and the module design provides convenience for customization.

MT70 supports WiFi/Bluetooth/3G wireless communication, is quite suitable for applications such as warehouse, logistics, parking, delivery and many more

  • Marvel Xscale PXA310
  • 3.5" Colour Screen
  • 256MB Ram and 128MB Rom, 2MB Flash Memory for user storage
  • 33 Numberic keys with optional QWERTY
  • 1.5M Drop to concrete with IP65
  • Windows CE.Net 6.0
  • CCD, Laser or 2D Imager
  • Wifi and Bluetooth

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