FM30 FM30


Newland’s FM30 Grouper fixed mount scanning solution is the latest addition to Newland’s broad range of future forward OEM scanning devices. The Grouper is ideal for kiosk integration and other POS solutions, which require a powerful scanner, built to read from contemporary LCD widescreen devices. In addition, the FM30 has extended capability of infrared reading, which means the device can detect barcodes under virtually any ambient light conditions, including nighttime. The Grouper desktop barcode data reader allows you to reliably reads all 1D barcodes as well as QR Code, Data Matrix and PDF417 on various shapes and surfaces.

With its small size 78.2×67.2×62mm (L x W x H), the FM30 is easy to integrate into many POS applications.

Delivers effortless, snappy and accurate scanning performance and is specialized in reading from LCD screens.

All our devices are plug-and-play, but can be further configured according to your needs by use of simple barcode programming guide.

  • Mount into Kiosk Applications
  • Reads 1D & 2D Barcodes
  • Scans Barcodes from Mobile Phones
  • Small Compact Design

Newland EMEA is a fast growing AIDC manufacturer of high performance image-based data collection hardware. Our product range of 1D and 2D barcode scanning solutions includes PDA's and Tablets, Handheld Barcode Scanners, Stationary Barcode Scanners, Customer Information Terminals and OEM Scanning engines.