RP-320 RP-320


Ideally suited to retail and hospitality applications

Partner Tech's thermal printers offer a high speed print solution for retail or hospitality environments that require efficient and quiet printing. Wall mounting capability and a vast selection of fonts make this dependable model absolutely ideal for a variety of applications.

  • Prints 200mm a second
  • 180DPI print head
  • Print width 72mm(512dots/line)
  • USB as standard
  • Optional RS232, Parallel and Ethernet
  • Supports both full and partial cut
  • Cool white or Black
  • 1 year warranty

PartnerTech specialises in the design and manufacture of integrated EPoS hardware solutions for the hospitality and retail sectors. They have built a strong reputation for market-leading, open-system solutions that anticipate the changing needs of customers and ensure long-term reliability and compatibility. These products helping retailers, restaurateurs, bar owners and hoteliers to improve service, reduce shrinkage, increase profits and manage staff more efficiently.

Partner Tech is a global business founded in 1990 and headquartered in Taiwan, with offices in the UK, US, Germany and China.