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Thermal transfer ribbons come in four main formulations:

  • Wax - suitable for matt and semi-gloss paper labels. Limited smudge resistance
  • Resin enhanced wax - suitable for matt and semi-gloss paper labels. Improved smudge resistance over wax ribbons and improved print quality on good quality label material
  • Wax / resin - suitable for thermal transfer matt and semi gloss paper labels and some synthetic materials. Smudge resistant, with improved print quality on good quality label material
  • Resin - This is the highest grade of ribbon, providing water and scratch resistant print and resistance to some chemicals. Generally resin ribbons are used on synthetic materials with a thermal transfer coating

The grade of ribbon should be matched to the quality of label material. If a high grade ribbon is used on low grade label material, you will require a higher print temperature setting (reducing the print head life) and the print quality is likely to be poor. Conversely if you use a wax ribbon on a synthetic material, to print will rub off very easily. Printer ribbons are further categorised by either being suitable for flat head printers or near edge printers. Flat head printer ribbons are either outside wound (ink on the outside of the roll) for e.g. Zebra printers or inside wound for e.g. Datamax printers. Some printers can be set to accept either inside or outside wound ribbons (Citizen CPL 621).

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