MT650 MT650


The MT650 is upgraded as a multifunctional terminal performing capabilities of Time Management, Access control, Intercom, and Surveillance with a large, 480 by 640 pixels, VGA color touch screen and the familiar interface of Windows CE operating system. It works as a mini-Kiosk station on top of a variety of applications. Users increase productivity right from the start, and application development is easier than ever.

It is designed to meet the requirements of Time & Attendance, Loyalty Programs, Intercom and Work-In-Process applications; it can communicate with a central host security and T&A system via standard Ethernet or WLAN networks. Moreover MT650 seizes complete control over area security with its built-in CMOS digital camera, microphone, and audio speaker. Multiple I/O ports and interfaces make it the ideal solution for complex. The MT650 features built-in variety readers such as proximity and 1:N finger print, this permits the user to choose the technology that results in a cost-efficient system. Powered by Windows CE.NET 6.0, the MT650 package includes programming tools and support software for developing custom security and T&A applications.

  • Powered by Windows CE.Net 6.0
  • Built in 2.0M pixel CMOS Camera
  • Built in UPS
  • Optional wireless communication support high speed wireless LAN 802.11b/g
  • Ethernet with optional POE, (power over Ethernet)

Unitech was founded in 1979 in Taiwan. As a global provider of AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) technologies with over 30 years experience, Unitech manufactures a wide range of Enterprise Mobile computers, Rugged handheld PDAs, Industrial Tablets, RFID Readers, Barcode Scanners, integrated T&A and Smart Living devices. Unitech products bring value to customers throughout the world in various industries, such as logistics, healthcare, retails, warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and field services.

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Since 2008, deriving from its core competence in RFID and IP based device expertise, Unitech has developed a new product line called TASHI and started to enter new market segments; Intercom and Security, bundled with an integrated intelligent solution called Efilin, serving both Residential and Enterprise sectors, as an intention of being a comprehensive total solution provider.

Nowadays, deriving from its core competence in AIDC and IP based device expertise and expanding with an intention of being a comprehensive solution provider, Unitech has developed to serve additional markets with innovative applications on Smart Living, Energy saving, Tele-health, and Remote management bundled with integrated intelligent solutions serving both residential and enterprise sectors.

With a focus on producing high quality products at affordable prices and a strong ability to identify market trends and opportunities, Unitech has grown into a leading provider of ADC products worldwide. Unitech has built strong business units in North America, APAC, China, Europe, Japan and Taiwan and works closely with almost 1,000 partners in over 35 countries.

Unitech understands that it is part of a global community, and demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility by participating in a number of charity programs all over the world. Unitech is also committed to environmental responsibility and has integrated green systems into its product design, production and service operations.